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Respected Users:

Excellent manufacturers, not only because of good product quality, but also pay great attention to after-sales service. Golden Land in line with the idea of "people without me, people with me fine", with scientific, rigorous, perfect, meticulous management and norms, responsible, enthusiastic, patient service, won wide praise from customers, customer satisfaction has always been the top in the same industry!

Market survey results - Golden Land after-sales service is "the industry's best"!

In order to pursue your greater satisfaction, we have made detailed instructions and regulations on the after-sales service process, so as to create greater tacit understanding with you, so as to serve you better and faster. The contents are as follows:

I. About Pre-sale

After the customer receives the crushing hammer, first check the toolbox and other accessories according to the packing list in the instructions.

Before installing and debugging the crushing hammer, please read the instructions carefully and operate in strict accordance with the operation specifications of the instructions. If there are any problems, you can always give feedback to our after-sales service or sales management department. Our company will solve them in the shortest time.

3. After the installation and commissioning of the crushing hammer is completed, the installation personnel should fill in the Installation Report (including the important information of cylinder block number and installation date) in time and detail. We calculate the warranty by the date in the Installation Report.

II. About After-sales

1. When quality problems occur when customers use our broken hammer, please contact our after-sales service department in time. We will solve the problem for you in the shortest time with the most sincere attitude.

_2. Our company will not bear all the consequences arising from the loss caused by the failure to use the original parts.

III. Claims

_1. First of all, we strictly follow the provisions of our company on the warranty period and operation instructions of broken hammer parts.

_2. Within the time limit and scope of compensation, we shall make a claim for compensation at the first time.

_3. Parts damaged due to improper operation of crushing hammer during the warranty period are not within the scope of claim.

Customer satisfaction is our greatest purpose of service!